Holy Trinity Church

195 J.W. Luke Road

West Jefferson NC



The Last Supper

Holy Trinity Church in Glendale Springs, NC was officially closed in 1946. After the church closed, members began removing the furnishings and taking them home. For over 30 years the church sat deserted and neglected – windows broken and trash piled inside and out. Father Hodge started a campaign to restore the old church in the late 1970s. As work progressed on the building, the original furnishings were returned. Today the church has its original pews, Altar, and candle stands.
In 1980 Ben Long painted the fresco “The Lord’s Supper” behind the Altar at Holy Trinity. Long and 20 of his students spent three months completing the fresco while the church was still undergoing renovations. Area residents began taking an interest in what was taking place and were supportive of the work. The churches of the community (regardless of denomination) offered to feed the artists – creating a bit of competition for the best meal served. Local people served as models for all the biblical figures except the waiting maid, Judas, Thomas, and Christ. Benjamin F. Long was the model for Thomas. In a scrip at the right of the foot-washing bowl, Benjamin F. Long painted a dedication to his father, who died just as the fresco was being completed.

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